Cool Filing Cabinets For The Storage Junkie

Filing cabinets are pretty universally boring, right? Industrial color palettes, clunky and unappealing, they often stick out like a sore thumb no matter where you put them. If you’ve put time and effort into the design of your home office, it may feel like a setback to have to drop a boxy, gray filing cabinet in the middle of it.


So, is there such a thing as a cool filing cabinet? Something that will keep your piles of documents organized without killing your design mojo? We think so!

1. Have your cabinet double as extra seating

Who is going to say no to some extra seating in their office? Adding a cushioned top to a filing cabinet on wheels allows you to use your filing cabinet as an extra chair for someone dropping in or for your cat to sleep on. When it’s not in need, you can slide it back beneath your desk.

2. Make it portable

Your filing ‘cabinet’ doesn’t need to live in your office if it’s pretty enough to be stashed anywhere. We like the idea of using something unconventional, like old suitcases. They let you hold your important documents in great style and can be happily stacked in any room and still look great. Of course, keep in mind that the portable design is not for any documents you need locked away.

3. Wall space

If you’re constantly going back and forth between your filing cabinet and your desk, consider using the space above your desk. Wall hanging file organizers or wall pockets are a great way to keep your documents close at hand and out of your way. Consider using a few of them in a row for visual symmetry.

4. Go bold

If you can’t escape the classic cabinet, either because of security measures or convenience, consider making it the star attraction of your space by painting it a bright color. A fun pop of tangerine or emerald green decorated with a lamp and a houseplant can take your boring filing cabinet from meh to wow!


5. Label it on the outside

If your home office is in chaos, consider using a shelving system and labeled boxes to make your filing more organized. Many boxes come with the option to use chalk labels so you can change their uses over time. This stops you from having to dig through multiple locations when you need to check what bills were paid.

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