Kratom for Sale Despite Recent Controversy

Amid scrutiny from the DEA, the herbal medicine known as kratom continues to be available for use in the United States. Read below for the latest on the issue and how it could potentially affect you as a kratom user.

Back in August of 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made it known that they intended on banning the use of kratom in the United States by placing it into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. But not long after this, the DEA rescinded this action in October due to protests from kratom users and advocates.

Instead, they opened up for public input on the issue. According to The Huffington Post, 99% of the 23,232 comments were opposed to the ban of kratom. This certainly displays where the public stands when it comes to kratom for sale.

The substance serves to relieve pain, provide an energy boost, or fight addiction for many people. Without it, many claim that they would suffer from increased chronic pain and anxiety daily.

Individual States and the Legality of Kratom

While it is currently legal to buy, sell, or use kratom under federal law, some states have taken the matter into their own hands. According to the American Kratom Association, 6 states have made kratom illegal. They are: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

This also affects the online marketplace of kratom. There are many online stores that have kratom for sale, but if you live in one of the states where it is banned then you cannot purchase it.

Uncertainty Moving Forward

The next move of the DEA is still unknown. Despite a large public outpour of support for the herbal substance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still examining the positive and negative effects of kratom. Will online stores continue to provide kratom for sale? Could the ban be reinstated? Only time will tell. For now, kratom remains available for use.

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