Septic Air Pump Replacement Options for the Hoot H500 Aerobic System

Hoot Systems provides wastewater treatment solutions for homes, businesses, restaurants, churches, and many other buildings and entities that are outside of public sewage system infrastructure. Below are some septic air pump replacement options for the hoot h500 aerobic system.

Hoot wastewater treatment systems are designed and installed to meet the needs of the building, location, and client. They take into consideration the environment around a residence or business as wells as the regulations that it must adhere to. The design and installation of these systems certainly provide clients with a remarkable treatment system. But the system is not a one-time solution for your wastewater treatment. It must be maintained to keep it operating efficiently.

If your home or business is equipped with a treatment solution like the hoot h500 aerobic system, you may be in need of a replacement aerator pump for the system. If this is the case, you may be wondering what you need in order to fit your specific system.

Replacing the pump on your hoot h500 aerobic system

It turns out that you can easily find the pump that you need online. The pumps used by hoot are Hiblow septic air pumps that are simply painted brown to match the hoot system image. Hiblow pumps are considered an industry standard and are found abundantly throughout the online market.

Specifically for the hoot h500 aerobic system, the Hiblow hp80 is the standard replacement. You can buy it online for around $260.

Another pump that is comparable to the Hiblow hp80 is the SSP/Gast DBMS80-1250 pump. It is also a replacement option for the hoot h500 aerobic system. The SSP/Gast pump costs $215 online, a cheaper option than the Hiblow.

Although your hoot h500 aerobic system was installed by specialists, choosing and replacing the pump is a task that you can perform yourself. This allows you to save money while learning more about your own wastewater system.


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