The Best Sleeper Sofas (For People Who Hate Sleeper Sofas)

The dreaded sleeper sofa. Somehow, it manages to be thin and lumpy at the same time, overstuffed at points while springs jab you in the back elsewhere. It is usually relegated to when you have too many guests and all the good beds are taken up. No one wants the sleeper sofa.

But fear no more! The age of the horrible sleeper sofa is passing, replaced instead with the near mythical concept of a comfortable sleeper sofa. We know. We could barely believe it either. But these sleeper sofas are backed with real life reviews that attest to their comfort.

Okay, we’ll keep you in suspense no longer. Here are the best sleeper sofas on the market.

1.    Cod. SB 52 from Momento Italia

We love the clean, modern lines of Momento Italia’s Cod. Sb 52 sleeper sofa. This wide-armed sofa features as orthopaedic mattress that’s comfortable to sit on or sleep on, and you don’t have to remove the couch cushions when you pull out the bed! The fabric is also really easy to change, since it comes attached to hidden Velcro.

2.    Ikea’s MANSTAD

We love that Ikea’s MANSTAD is a multi-tasking beast. A small-scale sectional, with storage, that also opens up into a pretty unique sleeper sofa. Unlike most sleeper sofas, Ikea’s MANSTAD pulls out lengthwise across the couch, instead of forwards, so you get a bit of a headrest too.

3.    American Leather Comfort Sleeper - Gwen

American Leather is always at the top of their game and their Comfort Sleeper ‘Gwen’ is no exception. Unlike most sleeper sofas, the Gwen is sophisticated and sleek with none of the overstuffed bulkiness that a lot of sleeper sofas suffer from. Perfect for small spaces, the Gwen also disassembles easily for moves, which is great for anyone living in apartments.

4.    Carlyle’s Third Avenue Sofa Bed

This sleeper sofa is so nice; it was even featured in House Beautiful! Buying a Carlyle sofa is a splurge, but we promise that this sofa bed will be long-term purchase. Carlyle uses a hardwood frame and steel mechanism to make sure their sleeper sofas never lose bounce, and their sleek, modern designs make them pleasing to the eye.

5.    LigneRoset’sNomade-Express

LigneRoset’s Nomade-Express is a minimalistic beauty. Armless, this daily sofa bed has timeless, easy elegance and understated appeal. The seat and back cushions seamlessly transition into a mattress and makeup into a bed in minutes.


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